Maths basics

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3D Vectors

3D vectors have an x component, a y component and a z component

The length of a vector:

length(v) = sqrt(v.x^2 + v.y^2 + v.z^2)

The length of a vector can be obtained with the help of the pythagorean theorem.

The direction of a vector

normalize(v) = v / length(v)

Like with numbers (aka 1D vectors) the direction of a vector can be calculated by dividing the vector by the length of the vector.

The distance between two numbers

distance(a, b) = length(b - a)

Dot product

The dot product of two vectors a = [ax, ay, az] and b = [bx, by, bz] is defined as

dot(a, b) = ax * bx + ay * by + az * bz