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About me

Hi, I'm Lea (she/her), working as a frontend developer with a focus on accessibility and web performance.

I'm based in Hamburg which is a beautiful but quite rainy city in the north of Germany.

Things I do


In my spare time, I'm sitting in front of the computer. I have a Codepen Profile where I love to experiment with web technologies and digital arts.

I wrote a WebGL library called glea, a vector/matrix arithmetics library called ella-math. A thing I often use is a shader-art web component for running webgl shaders with a few kilobytes of JavaScript.

Apart from sitting in front of the computer, I love to cook and I love to go for a walk; there's no bad weather. At least you have to get used to the rain over here in the north of Germany 😅. Also, I really love to hang out with people and just chat along.


  • in direct messages and chats: don't say "Hello" and nothing else (see https://nohello.net/).
  • I'm also super uncomfortable with unsocilited flirts from people I don't know.
  • No intimate questions if we don't know each other.